Monday, December 1, 2014

The Escape & Evade® WarFighter (TM) Tactical Survival Kit (VCM) was designed to provide the tactical operator with a compact and lightweight survival solution that they could take anywhere at any time. Weighing just over 13 ounces, the kit covers all priorities of survival with certain redundant systems in case of injury or loss. The only difference between the VCM model and the VM model is that the VCM model does not have infra-red components, which are ITAR restricted. The exterior pouch is the same durable Mil-Pak pouches used for MREs, but with a clear window on one side so that you can see the contents and know it is a survival kit. The interior of the kit includes a second pouch made of water resistant coated ripstop sil-nylon, which is used to contain the kit contents once the main pouch has been opened. That way, the operator can use the Mil-Pak pouch for other duties, such as water collection, etc. All of the priorities of survival are addressed in this unique kit developed specifically for tactical operators, no matter where they are sent, to fight and survive.

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