Saturday, February 2, 2013

Escape & Evade SERE II Tactical Military Survival Kit (EESSK2)

The Escape & Evade SERE II Tactical Military Survival Kit (EESSK2) from Survival
Click Here to View:   This kit brings a full complement of survival equipment into a tactical carry configuration that the operator will be familiar with. Small enough to attach to load bearing equipment such as chest/belt rigs and plate carriers using the standard MOLLE attachment webbing, yet full of gear to meet the priorities of survival with this 45 piece equipment set. Designed to address the operator’s priorities of survival in either a tactical or non-tactical position, and in either an urban or wilderness environment: Shelter, Signaling, Water Collection and Purification, Fire Building, Navigation, and Trauma. The survival tools included enable all vital survival tasks, and each tool was selected for this kit for its purpose and proven record of performance. Multiple systems were incorporated for several tasks to greatly increase the operator’s survival metrics no matter where they are, and under any conditions.


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