Wednesday, March 14, 2012

The New Escape & Evade Tactical Military Survival Kits Are Available

Our new series of Escape & Evade Tactical Military Survival Kits are available! After receiving much input from military and contracting sources, we have developed a series of E&E kits for various mission types and climates. Check out our Military and Tactical Section at to see our entire line.

The Operator, both the VCM and VM models (VCM is for Civilians & Military, and the VM models are for military and government operators only) is the premier version. Adaptable to any environment, and containing redundant systems in the event certain are lost. Other models include the E&E Desert, Mountain, and Recon models which bring other elements into the kit design to attack certain survival needs attributable to the environments, and in the Recon's case, to the mission and skill of the user.

We also have developed a new series of Professional, Mountain & Desert Survival Kits for civilians and other adventurers located here:

The Professional Survival & Medical Combination Kit: is for any individual who needs to be prepared for any survival contingency, anywhere in the world. Comprehensively designed to address the priorities of survival: Shelter; Water Collection & Purification; Fire Starting; Navigation; Signaling; Medical Tools & Supplies, and; Survival Tools such as items for fishing, snaring, cutting and sawing, and much more. Each item was chosen for its purpose and proven performance. All items listed below fit into the included 7.5 in. x 7 x 3.75 in. silicone impregnated rip-stop nylon carry pouch with waterproof zipper. The entire kit weighs only 2 lb. 2 oz. Redundant systems enable the user to accomplish survival tasks in the event an item is lost. Of note is the inclusion of both the SOL Bivvy (sleeping bag) and two person survival blanket, which can be used to quickly create overhead shelter while using the bivvy for heat retention and prevention of hypothermia. This in turn allows more fuel resources to be allocated for fire building to maintain warmth, and for signaling. The kit is designed to be used for all situations that may present an unexpected turn of events; such as a simple dayhike, hunting trip, summit attempt, etc. The small size and low weight enable the kit to carried with you during any outing, excursion, or long trip. Make sure you or someone you know have the tools they need to survive anywhere, at any time, with the Professional Survival and Medical Combination Kit.

Mountain environments often create a higher potential for hypothermia and limb trauma injuries. The Mountain Survival & Medical Kit Combination Kit accounts for these aspects of mountain travel, and all other essential survival tasks in mountain environments. At the center of the survival kit is the Blizzard Survival Jacket: a triple cell layered core insulator that also grants insulating head cover, and also covers the arms for wind and rain protection. Extra long fit means that the individual can retain body heat from the majority of the body area. The jacket is wind and waterproof, and while small and compact, it expands to open the ReflexCell material to trap air for maximum heat retention. The Two Person SOL Survival Blanket can be used to quickly create overhead cover by its effective use as an A-frame or other type of shelter. This combination of jacket and shelter components greatly reduces the potential for hypothermia related injuries. The medical components allow for treatment of traumatic bleeding wounds, and for creating splints for injured limbs; a typical mountain injury. Essential survival tasks such as fire building, signaling, and navigation are covered with a solid complement of survival tools; many of which have redundant systems in the event a critical piece is lost. Small and lightweight enough to carry on every excursion, ascent, or simple day hike, yet packed with everything you need to maximize your survival metrics in any mountain environment.
Survival in desert or arid environments often requires more careful preparation than other climates. A chief concern is water collection, which can prove difficult in these areas. This can often be mitigated by carrying a collection of vital survival tools to increase your survival metrics. The Desert Survival and Medical Combination Kit presents a comprehensive approach to all survival task areas, giving special emphasis on water collection. A well known technique to exploit water resources involves the creation of a vegetation still to extract potable water from surrounding plant life using transpiration bags. This kit provides three high density, 25 gallon transpiration bags for the survivor to use for this purpose, in addition to other water purification and collection tools. Less energy is required to use transpiration bags than digging a traditional solar still. Thus, the survivor is less likely to be at risk for losing more water than can be gained by the creation of the still. Having three of these means the survivor can set up passive stills at good locations, while searching for primary water sources. As with all our kits, the essential survival task areas of shelter construction; fire building; navigation; trauma treatment (medical) and signaling are equally addressed. A useful tool that is included in this particular kit is the Photon Scorpion-Finding Light, which can provide you with the ability to locate scorpions at night in order to avoid injury, or for a food resource (with proper training).


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    People really should avert their gaze from the modern survival thinking for just a bit and also look at

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